A Few More Small Drawings

After a few weeks of sorting I’ve finally managed to get my archive in order. I’ve discovered some older drawings that I’d forgotten I’d made alongside some works that I thought I’d lost after a serious flood in my studio. So all the hard work has paid off.

Having graduated in 1989 – pre internet! I think I’ve been in this sort of “One Day a Gallery Will Come Along and Your Work will be Seen By Everyone” bubble.  I’ve come to the realisation that this won’t happen if I don’t share my work on social media platforms and connect with my followers and buyers in a more direct way.

Selling smaller works on paper in my Etsy Shop was very scary – I was nervous to see the reaction -but the response by email, orders and shares has been amazing. I’m going to be using this store front as a window to my day to day practise. If you would like to receive 10% off any order that you place, then please do subscribe to this site. You will be directed to a code that you just cut and paste into the payment page of my Etsy Shop