2014 Synapse Oriel Mwldan.
    2013 Drift Duckett and Jeffries Yorkshire.
    2008 Tirliniau Llantarnham Grange Arts Centre Cardiff.
    2008 Oriel Clwyd Art Centre, Mold, Chester.
    2007 Landscapes Morgan Boyce Gallery, Marlborough.
    2007 Landscapes Oriel Mwldan, Cardigan.


    2018 Showcase Exhibition. Mission Gallery
    2018 Roger Cecil + Four Painters Carmarthen
    2017 Winter TEN Cardiff
    2017 Summer TEN Cardiff
    2016 Spring Exhibition gallery-ten Cardiff
    2016 Back Wall Oriel Myrddin
    2015 Summer Exhibition gallery-ten Cardiff
    2015 Drawing Oriel Myrddin
    2015 Alternatives Are Seldom Found Arusha Gallery. Edinburgh
    2015 Winter Exhibition Art Shop Abergavenny.
    2014 New Year Exhibition Cadogan Contemporary.
    2014 Three gallery/ten, Cardiff
    2014 gallery/ten, Cardiff. .
    2014 Quercus Gallery, Bath.
    2013 Gleam Quercus Gallery, Bath.
    2013 Thomas and Paul AAF Hamburg, Germany.
    2013 Abstraction Thomas and Paul, London.
    2013 Prelude Thomas and Paul, London.
    2013 Gathered Brooklyn, New York.
    2013 Matter Lumina Milkwood Gallery. Cardiff.
    2012 “Memories, you’re talking about memories” Multimedia Installation, blinc.
    2012 Helen Booth Projection of Animated Short,blinc.
    2012 Matter Lumina King Street Gallery, Carmarthen.
    2012 Threadneedle Art Prize The Mall Galleries, London.
    2012 Works On Paper, Cadogan Contemporary
    2012 Marks Of Intent The Art Shop, Abergavenny

    2012 Award for Painting Pollock Krasner Foundation Inc New York
    2011 Arts Council R&D Award Welsh Arts Council
    2009 Oppenheim John Downes Award for Painting
    2007 Oppenheim John Downes Award for Painting
    2006 Arts Council Personal Development Grant, Out in the Landscape


    Drawings and prints are excavated from the surface through repeated scratching, scuffing, scarring and erasing. Absence and presence vie for attention through disrespecting paper and canvas, from hammering and chiseling acrylic plates, inked and burnished repeatedly until the plate is bruised and annihilated revealing how all surfaces are unstable and unreliable.

    Booth punctures the surface of the paper with butchers string, split crochet yarns and brass tacks, creating a tension between the image as object and rupturing to revealing what lies beneath.

    Staccato marks wound the surface, multiple layers of ink, gesso, plaster and graphite create shimmering, fragile, gossamer-like images that echo memories of fleeting encounters, lost potential, disrupted structures and shifting horizons.



    Candy & Candy
    Arch Hotel
    Langham Hotel
    Barclays Bank
    Tudor Capital
    Soho Voices


    Interview with Editor Leia Morrison

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