Back to work this week

After taking 3 months off after major surgery – I am now ready to return to my studio and I’m really excited and desperate to get going again. I have a huge 3-phase machine that I’ve commandeered from its original purpose of cutting metal, into a printing press, which I hope to start using this week. The possibilities are endless – that is of course if it works. Fingers Crossed

I’ve spent the last few weeks recuperating and spending time on my online presence, putting some new works up on Etsy to sell and making sure that all my profiles are up to date. This morning I woke up to a wonderful review from a buyer in America, who sent a great picture too with the 5* comments.

This is the 3rd piece I have bought from Helen. I love her work. This small piece has subtle color and plays with circular shapes along with layer and texture. I find it hard to “review” art but I can say this-this is a delight to see every morning and looks even better in person than any photo could capture or I could describe. She is a wonderful creator.

Made me smile!

My two daughters also have big weeks this week – My eldest has to construct her degree show at Oxford University and my youngest is off travelling around Europe for a month.

I’ll share some images of the printing beast in action hopefully later in the week.