Drawings and prints are excavated from the surface through repeated scratching, scuffing, scarring and erasing. Absence and presence vie for attention through disrespecting paper and canvas, from hammering and chiseling acrylic plates, inked and burnished repeatedly until the plate is bruised and annihilated revealing how all surfaces are unstable and unreliable.

Seemingly beautiful, seductive images are conjured from violence and horror.

Booth punctures the surface of the paper with butchers string, split crochet yarns and brass tacks, creating a tension between the image as object and rupturing to revealing what lies beneath.

Staccato marks wound the surface, multiple layers of ink, gesso, plaster and graphite create shimmering, fragile, gossamer-like images that echo memories of fleeting encounters, lost potential, disrupted structures and shifting horizons.

Booth treats her canvas with more respect, teasing the marks through the working and relaying of paint and graphite.